Thursday to Sunday

Breakfast served 10am until 12pm

Set Menu du Jour 12pm to 2pm ( last orders )

Specialty sandwiches and light bites

Lunch times only

Omlette Arnold Bennet £10.50

Tart tatin of white onion and goats cheese, leaf salad, balsamic honey glaze £7.50

Croque Monsieur with mixed salad and French fries £ 9.50

( Add a free range fried Egg £ 1.00 )

Pan fried 6oz Sirloin steak, green peppercorn sauce, French fries

Watercress salad £ 13.50

Homemade Vegan burger with blue or smoked cheese, watercress salad and French fries £10.50

Eggs benedict with a choice of smoked salmon, French torchon ham or haloumi, watercress salad £9.50

Please ask to speak with Michael our chef if you suffer from food allergies or intolerances.

We do not believe in adding a service charge. Any tips kindly left are divided equally amongst all staff on duty at the time, excluding a 5% administration fee.


Roasted figs stuffed with gorgonzola and wrapped in parma ham, sweet and sour beetroot, leaf salad, balsamic glaze £6.50

Shelled moules mariniere with crusty bread and butter £ 8.50

Classic Fillet steak tartare with toasted homemade sour dough £10.50

Pan fried Smoked ducks liver and warm slices of home smoked duck breast, brioche crouton, braised lentils, sherry vinegar Jus £14.50


Fillet of beef stroganoff served with jasmine rice

£ 15.50

Roast breast of greshingham duck with braised savoy cabbage, gratin dauphinois, creamed celeriac puree, red wine and cherry reduction £18.50

Tournedo Rossini

Gratin dauphinois, wild mushrooms, parmesan crisp, truffled Jus

£ 25.50

Pan fried calves liver and bacon, buttered savoy cabbage, creamed potato, deep fried onion rings and a rich red wine jus £14.50

Something regional, artisanal and quite special

Black Cow Dorset cheddar with tasting shots of black cow vodka and strawberry vodka £7.50

(Both cheese and vodka are made from black cow’s dorset milk)